Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am forever intrigued by new things and like to give them a go. Someone on the internet was talking about an Olloclip, which actually is a lens that clips onto your IPhone. 

The lens does three things. One end is a fish eye lens; the other side is either a macro or wide angle, depending on how you rotate it. The quality is actually fairly good, considering. Here are some examples:

This is an image of my back yard from the deck. You would need to crop this to eliminate the corners. Isn't that distorted look kind of fun! Sort of like carnival mirrors.

My favorite is the macro. Here are some examples of that one.

a tiny herb

a close up of a kitchen towel

The last type is the wide angle, probably my least favorite. Here is an example. It's a bad photo with long shadows but you can see the width of detail the lens is able to capture.

I would say the only drawback to this gadget is that you need to remove your camera case for it to clip on. Of course that would be so, since you would want a tight fit and camera cases come in every size. But how nice to have a few options with your phone and this 
1 inch by 2 inch lens. 

What fun things have you discovered?

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