Monday, March 19, 2012

A Walking Path Near the Tramway Site

I don't often choose a black and white image but so love the wide path and the contrasts this one offers.

When Life Hands You a Lemon...

It has handed me a lot of lemons, Meyer style and other. I love this big fat juicy one hanging in the apex of the tree.

Make lemonade... with a mixer.
My MIL and SILs arrived for the annual party and this was the beginnings of our beverage collection. Notice the wine label skn...srew, kappa, napa. You gotta love it!

More fun in the sun!

Love the Perspective

I spotted this antique fire truck at the club "hood" and was all over it. This was my favorite photo from the bunch.

Rain in the Desert, Oh My! On Celebrating 25!

I had to pick two again.
First up, we are celebrating Nick's 25th. YEAH!
Second, it actually rained in the desert. It was a rain like in the Midwest, long and slow. I do think it rained most of the night. The desert so likes it when this happens.

Palm Fronds Grab My Attention

Looking down the spine of a prickly palm. I'm not sure what type it is but very cool.
It caught my attention in week 6.