Monday, May 28, 2012

I love to crop tightly on a subject. These cactus grow near the pool. They are so many shades of green and so many textures from rough to smooth with thorny thorns in between. I love how they subtly remind you to stay away. No drama queens here.  LOL

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Business Attire

My girl came to the desert to hang out with her mom. AWWWW! But she had work to do. You gotta love today's work ways. Tanning then internet, tanning then conference call, tanning then email, tanning then wine with mom. Yeah Baby! 

Reflections-They're Just That

Another post processed image...whatever! 
It pops the color and renders it artful. 
I'm in! 

What are These Flowers?

I find these flowers fascinating. Their beginnings resemble raspberries.

Their middle life is a delicate flower. Go figure. It reminds me for sure that God is in charge!

Room With a View

The view from my kitchen window is stupendous. Except that it inhibits anything getting done all day. It is calming. It is fun to watch golfers try to hit the green. It is interesting to see egrets and pelicans--I might be wrong on that and must ask Janey in the fall--vie for the best spot on the pond. And it is very nice to watch the sun set on the Chocolate Mountains in the evening. OMG! does it get any better than this.

Got Game?

I love this image. I only wish I would have found someone to take my photo sitting in that stool. I love tennis and have played the game for 35 years. Still do and love it to bits. I found this graphic on the doors at the Indian Well Tennis tourney, which is another whole realm of fun. Go Azarenko! 

Gotta Love Post Processing

I know some of you think it is cheating but I am not one of those. I find it absolutely fun, fun, fun to post process a photo. To me it is like the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An image, some software and WHOA! Here is one that I whooped it up on...

I would show you the original but I think it is AWOL. Trust me, it didn't resemble this too much, at least as the coloring goes. It is one of my favs, so far.