Picture Winter

 Day 24: Obscurity

Day 23: High Strung 
--mother nature's ornamentation

 Day 22: Centerpiece

 Day 21: Winter's Pull
--the desert was full of bougainvillea on this January day

 Day 20: Frosty
--a frozen over bird bath;

  Day 19: A Different Kind of Story
--these Big Horns were grazing right next to the golf tee box; I think
I missed the story as it would have been so much better had I used
the tee box as the foreground to give this image it's proper perspective.
Lesson learned.

Day 18: Center of Attention
--for this week in Palm Desert, this was the center of my attention;

Day 17: Stark Raving Magnificent

Day 16:  All Wrapped Up

Day 15: Cooling It

 Day 14: Beyond the Chill

Day 13: Controlled Chaos

Day 12: Signs of Life
--the Iris in my Garden

Day 11: Warms Your Heart
--a January sunrise in Portland

Day 10: Seeking Balance

Day 9: Bundle Up

Day 8: Texture Seeker

Day 7: Quiet Beauty

Day 6: Cracked Open

Day 5: Intended for Everyday Use

Day 4: A Little Sunshine

Day 3: All the Possibilities

Day 2: Looking Out

Day 1: A Day for Rest