Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exploring Space in Photographic Images

In this months Exploring with a Camera Series, Kat Sloma has selected Exploring Space. She defines this as  "a single, continuous visual element in a photograph that fills more than half of the frame but is not the subject."

In this example, my brother and I are standing on the beach in Hilton Head. We are the subject, the beach is the space.

In this example, my niece is placed in the frame with foreground and side space. It is probably not as strong an example because of the busyness of the background but the viewer can certainly breathe.

In this image, the sky provides some of the space. The foreground is busier but by applying the rule of thirds and positioning the focal point on the edge, visual space is provided.

This image is similar in structure to the last. The red tea pot placed on the right side, allows breathing room for the viewer eye.

This image is a clear winner in the Visual Apace category but again the Rule of Thirds has a huge impact on the space.

I had to search through a lot of images to find these examples and found it interesting that all of these are horizontal orientation and none are portrait. More of my images tend toward portrait however. It was also interesting for me to note that most of my photos are more closely cropped either during their taking or in post processing. Perhaps because I like the detail of the subject. I plan to pay attention to these observations as I go out and shoot additional images.I need to turn my camera to horizontal and step back allowing more space into the image. They certainly provide a sense of calm.


Kat Sloma said...

Wow, great examples Elaine! I'm so glad you took a look and found where you do and don't allow space. Your description of your usual style and orientation sounds very similar to mine! I think that the photograph of your niece actually has quite a bit of space, with the sand in the foreground and grassy ground in the back. It's similar enough to provide an even backdrop for your niece contrasted with the playground equipment. Wonderful images, all! Thanks for joining in Exploring with a Camera.

Cathy H. said...

You sound just like me! I tend to fill my image with close ups and details! You found some great examples though! My favorites are the beach scene and the heart-shaped rock. I look for heart-shaped rocks all the time!

Elsie said...

I love your serie, special the sand photo.

gina said...

I love your red kettle and the beach scene is so peaceful! Allowing space does really convey a sense of calmness, doesn't it? I always learn something from these explorations.

Arpi said...

Snap... I realised I didn't allow for space very often either! I really like the image of the house, there is so much space around the subject and I also love the red kettle. It certainly has more impact being positioned to the left. The beach scene is also a great composition as it appears that the two of you have all of that space to yourselves.