Friday, May 10, 2013

Exploring with a Camera: Photo Essays

I am a fan of KatEyeStudio.

Kat has, in the past, done a series called Exploring with a Camera . I found these late in the game and participated in several. Now she has moved forward from them. I decided, however, to go back in time and capture the essence of what she was doing and work some of these topics.

One of my all time favorites is Exploring with a Camera: Photo Essays. I will stick with this topic for awhile sharing some of my essays with you.

What I like about photo essays is that it forces one to consider the story. What are you trying to say and then select the images that tell that story. The story might be simply portraiture or the street were I live or street people. Many topics. The issue is capturing through photo and word the essence of the topic selected.

I built a template. In the quilt world it would be called a four patch. It forces me to select the four images that best tell the story. This is my beginning. I will be working here for awhile. I encourage you to give it a go as well.

My first try is Little Miss Kitty: a portraiture.

I was the kitty sitter. She was the ultimate poser. I wanted the light source on her face. I looked toward the light and so did she. She preened; she posed; she was the ultimate subject. Without words, I was able to get LMK to do what I needed. In the end, we needed each other.


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